Our Issues

As a dedicated member of our community, Jim Rigby is ready to serve everyone.  The problems we face aren't Democrat or Republican - both parties have let us down.  We need to put politics aside and take action.


Fight the Drug Epidemic

Cambria County is the State's leader in hospital visits in 2016-2017 due to overdoses per 100,000 county residents.  

Cambria County had 102 hospital visits per 100,000 over those two years


Bring Fiscal Sanity to Harrisburg

By using smart business skills, spending can be cut and the endless borrowing that taxpayers can no longer afford can be stopped.  Savings from spending cuts can be used on priorities like helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create jobs, worker retraining, education, and public safety.


Stricter laws for crimes against Law ENFORCEMENT and correction officers

We need to be able to protect those who risk their lives to protect us.


Represent Our Values & Community

Jim isn't a politician.  He'll fight full-time for your jobs, your Pro-Life, and Second Amendment values.  He'll bring common-sense thinking to Harrisburg, go door-to-door, and hold town hall meetings to always listen to your concerns.  


Create Jobs & spark economic growth

We must make Pennsylvania competitive with other states so our employers will stop leaving.  I will fight for common-sense initiatives that help small businesses and entrepreneurs create jobs; and I will focus investment on the job-creating industries of tomorrow.


Full Time Representative

Our district deserves better and should have a Full Time representative both here in the 71st District and in Harrisburg.  When Jim is not working for us in Harrisburg, he'll be here working hard for all of us.  

He will not be an absent Representative who appears only at election time!