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Jim Rigby

I'm not a politician.  I'm a successful community leader, lifelong resident, and concerned citizen who knows it's time to change the way Harrisburg does business - and I have the proven skills to make it happen.

As a 30-year part-time policeman, full time Chief of Police for the past three years, 40 year volunteer fireman, 26-year local elected official, and former 29-year Red Cross employee and small business owner, I know how to meet a budget, create jobs, and make tough decisions - and I know how hard our area has been hit by the economic downturn and the challenges our families face.

As a husband, father, and taxpayer, I am concerned about the same things you are.

As your State Representative, I will be your full-time representative, devoting 100% of my time and attention.  I will take common-sense action to help in the process of job creation, cut spending, protect taxpayers, and make Greater Johnstown and the 71st District strong again.